Coaching and Consulting for Star Performance

As a consultant, Elise Yanker brings a powerful blend of business acumen, relationship focus and sustainable interventions. She consistently brings her high energy, commitment and creativity to her clients, whether in one on one coaching, small groups or large conference facilitations. I never hesitate to reach out to her for her organizational insights and ideas or to refer her to a colleague. Elise is a consultant who is both a pleasure to work with and one that never fails to deliver... a rare and delightful combination!

Global Diversity Officer,
Fortune 100 Company

Coaching, Consulting, Collaboration.

Founded and managed by Elise Yanker, Collaborative Consulting is an independent consulting and coaching enterprise geared towards optimizing human performance. Creative, energized and objective, the work is driven towards individuals, teams, or large, thriving organizations looking to maximize their potential.

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